ROS Tutorial: Workspaces

Workspaces, packages, and Worlds

Download the workspace creation script:
Create a workspace called "ws":
./ ws
Source the bashrc to update environment variables:
source ${HOME}/.bashrc
Use roscd to go to your workspace root directory.
That's a good way to check if your worspace was created correctly.
If it all works, you will be taken to the following directory:
Download the package creation script:
Create a package named my_package inside your workspace:
./ ws my_package
Go to your package root directory:
roscd my_package
This is where all the files related to your package will reside.
Now, go to your workspace root:
And go to the the src dirctory of your workspace:
cd ../src/
Take a look at the contants of the src dir:
ls -l
Your package is there.
Now, let's put there a package from a git repository:
git clone
Now we have two packages there:
ls -l
Source the bashrc to update environment variables:
source ${HOME}/.bashrc
Go to your package root directory:
roscd testbed/
This is an example package that I made a while back. We wil not use most of its contents, but it servers as an example of a custom made package.
ls -l
Type the following, and tap TAB a few times to see all the available executable code in this package:
rosrun testbed
Go to the models' directory of the testbed package:
roscd testbed/models
Run the following script to automatically create some object models:
The models are used in our arena world.
Go to the worlds' directory of the package:
roscd testbed/worlds/
Take a look at the
Now we have the configured.
See how the following command points to the
echo $(rospack find testbed)/worlds/
Now, use the following guide to map and navifgate the arena world:
Follow this link for the raw script.